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MES - Manufacturing Execution System Solutions

Production monitoring, traceability, production planning, quality control, workshop supervision and performance analysis (TRS, TRG), maintenance management...

Project management

Audit, analysis of your production monitoring requirements, integration, accompaniment, implementation, training and assistance...


The traceability application is ideal for monitoring your logistics (material traceability and batch traceability, production traceability, stock and position management...).

Data acquisition terminals

Industrial PCs, production monitoring terminals, operator monitoring, data acquisition machine, OPC...

Bodet-Osys, a real production monitoring expertise


Production monitoring in real time, production planning, production data collection, traceability and scheduling

Osys's long experience in workshop tracking and production monitoring enables us to offer you optimised solutions that are matched to your requirements, from SMEs to large businesses.

The Quartis application enables operators or machines to capture production data in real time and offers production managers a real time production data monitoring and traceability tool. It interfaces with the ERP management software and means that they can get rid of paper forms. 

A specialised team is at your service to analyse your requirements and offer you a solution that is tailor-made to monitor your production.

News Bodet OSYS

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